Sailor Moon Season 2 Finale “The Final Confrontation! Defeat Eclipse!”

By Steph Kingston on

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A big thank you right off to the incomparable Josh Scalf (@jwscalf on Twitter and elsewhere on this feed) for editing this beast when Steph was too damn busy to get it done. He is a true warrior of love and justice.

It’s finally here, the fight you’ve all been waiting for if you remember any of it! The Senshi face off against Eclipse: the evil shadow of their friend and the source of all their lost memories!

Your GM is Steph Kingston @StephOKingston and players are Sam Brady @CreeptasticSam Dave Rollins @BeardedClefable Carly Shields @animat3dm3 Christina Ladd @OLaddieGirl and Ivana Greenleaf @Arcanevice

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