SAYER – Episode 32 – The Day the Mirrors Seethe

By Adam Bash on



Hopefully each and every one of you have taken the appropriate precautionary measures. We all knew this day was coming.

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SAYER is voiced and produced by Adam Bash, who also wrote this episode.

Intro and outro music composed by Jesse “Main Finger” Gregory.

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  1. I was so taken with Sayer initially, but now that there is never any chance to follow a character because each episode is meeting a new one and every single episode our character dies at the end it has become really boring.

    • If that’s your sole complaint you’re giving up a little early. Several of the episodes you’re approaching after this carry a connected arc that sets up Season 4, where the story again follows one resident through almost every episode from 45-59.

      But thanks for the constructive criticism!

  2. I myself like the new character every episode format. I especially enjoy the formula in episodes where Sayer ties together the current job details, some weird detail from Earth history, and some minor, (or major,) character failing in the episode’s recipient to explain why, actually, everything bad happening to them is definitely all their fault.

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