SAYER – Episode 44 – My Name is Nothing

By Adam Bash on



Say on, sayers!
Delve! mould! pile the words of the earth!
Work on—it is materials you bring, not breaths;
Work on, age after age! nothing is to be lost;
It may have to wait long, but it will certainly come in use;
When the materials are all prepared, the architects shall appear.
-Walt Whitman

SAYER was voiced and produced by Adam Bash, who also wrote this episode.

Intro and outro music composed by Jesse “Main Finger” Gregory.

This episode also features the following tracks”
Androids Always Escape ( by Chris Zabriskie) / CC BY 4.0
Melancholy Aftersounds ( by Kai Engel) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Highway to the Stars (Kai Engel) / CC BY-NC 4.0


  1. Downloading and saving every single episode locally so I will never be without it. This has easily been one of the best podcasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I have and will continue to listen to this on a loop. So you know, Adam – I fall asleep to Sayer’s voice every single night and think of him as more than just a character in a serialized presentation. You’ve created such an amazing world and cast that will be enjoyed for years to come. I’m very sad to see Sayer go (If only on a long hiatus), and I hope, perhaps, you may pass along the mantle of (if not Sayer the character), perhaps the world of Aerolith Dynamics and the earth as it exists in the Sayer timeline. I’m certain there would be enough interested parties that would love to build upon the fictional foundation you’ve laid. (I would be particularly interested personally to know what was going on on earth during the time of Sayer and Vidor-1 outside of the Speaker snippets)

    I guess this is a long-winded way of saying:

    “Thank you; farewell, and don’t leave us forever.”

    Happy Holidays, everyone. And here’s to a new year of new possibilities.

  2. I began listening to the series a little over a year ago and it has been an amazing journey. I just want to say thank you for crafting such a great story and I cant wait to see what other works you dive in to.

  3. I was near tears when I heard this was the last. I finished my drive in silent mourning and contemplation of your greatness rather than going on to the next podcast. It’s been an amazing journey. Take a richly deserved break. I’ll be looking forward to whatever comes next.

  4. I really did not expect the ending here. I was switching busses when it hit me. Having used episode one as an alarm for the past few months and hearing those words (can you hear me?) repeat in my headphones brought a big bag of mixed feelings. In the end it was absolutely impossible to hide my grin at the conclusion.

    Thank you so much for this story, I’ve recommended this to several of my friends, both while following it and after this episode. I will surely listen to it a few more times myself.

    Best of luck with your future endeavors!

  5. Thank you very much Adam Bash for an amazing podcast. i discovered this two weeks ago and it has kept me sane as i work through countless files and spreadsheets.

    you have captured me in a world i would really not like to be a part of by creating a truely terrifying AI. which has even become the lesser evil

    i will be sure to listen out for more SAYER and enjoy your other podcasts.

    thank you.


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