Short Story Collection Dangerous Women – Out Now!

By Tim Lanning on

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I know we all love Dangerous Women in general, but what if I told you that a newly released short story collection was also released with that name? Let me sweeten the pot – George R.R. Martin has published another installment set in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. It recounts the Targaryen war of succession knows as The Dance Dragons. Yeah? Now you are listening. There are also a hefty amount of other fiction luminaries that have lent their words/ creativity to this collections including one of my favorites, Joe Abercrombie.

I have only read a little sample of a few stories, but I have always enjoyed when authors put some sort of constraint on themselves. With “Dangerous Women” both forcing authors, many of whom are known to be wordy, to write a short story that focuses on a central theme of dangerous women we can expect some unique adventures.

You can grab yourself a copy just in time for the holidays right here.


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