Sleeping Dogs Screenshots Spring to Life

By Tim Lanning on

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Y’all ever seen The Dark Knight? You know how the Joker says “why so serious? Well we need to see if we can get that fella to come on over and talk to the guys in Sleeping Dogs. Look at em, they are all so serious. That guy is bleeding and that one is getting his head bashed into what looks like an aquarium, so it makes sense that they are so somber.

Sleeping Dogs is ramping up the intensity before its August 14th release by showering us with the beautiful screenshots. Look at all that intensity. I am hyped to see what the final game turns out to be in less than three months. Keep your eyes glued to for further updates!

Sleeping Dogs is available for pre-order on Amazon and comes with the Martial Arts Pack, which includes a Shaolin Showdown mission, Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased striking damage), Bonus Triad XP points, and Wing Chun decoration for your safe house.

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