Storm of Swords Book Club: Jon VI – Tyrion VI

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It is hard to focus on all the other non-Red-Wedding things that happen in this somber episode of Cast of Thrones. Hey, we get it Jon Snow, you want some of that limelight for honoring your Knights Watch pals. But, quick question bub, did you get horrible murdered along with like…I don’t know, 9 named characters? Granted you were shot by your love. That is a good story hook. Ok, you made it into the show text.

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  1. When you post the titles of the chapters, it’s a big spoler ’cause it shows a character has survived far into the book series. Please remove the chapter titles. They show up in the “recent posts” thingy too, so it is hard to avoid them.

  2. Are you guys going to cover the new short story that just came out, ‘The Princess and the Queen’? I hope for more episodes before season 4 starts.

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