Storm of Swords Book Club: Tyrion XI – Epilogue

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It is with heavy hearts and tear filled eyes that we now wrap our Clash of Kings book club. *turns on graduation by Vitamin C* It seems like just yesterday we were hanging out with Robb Stark laughing about how illegitimate Jon Snow was. But now we are through with the third book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Some say that this was the best book in the series to date. Well, I can definitely agree that it ends with a big bang. We learn so much about Westeros but also ourselves. What is Littlefinger’s deal? Hate that guy.

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  1. Great podcast.
    The agedifference between Jaime-Cersei and Tyrion is about 7-8 years or thereabouts. When Tyrion married Tysha he was 13 and Jaime was about 20-21, which is after Roberts Rebellion. Jaime was knighted at 15 after bravery against the oulawband the Kingswood Brotherhood. The knight who knighted him was ser Artur Dayne. That same year he was raised to the Kingsguard still 15. He was the youngest knight ever to be raised to the Kingsguard. See here: (Beware of spoilers later on in the website if you have not read beyond A Storm of Swords.)
    When he killed the King, Aerys II “the Mad King” Targaryen, he was still only 17. I have only listened to about 26 min of the podcast.

  2. I’m always listening your podcast at work, and since i live in Mexico, no one around really understand what im listening to, but they keep asking me “what is that? is it some kind of comedy show?” “why are you always laughing?”. I tried to wear earphones but they said it was more annoying to hear me laughing with no extra sounds attached. And every week my co workers ask me if its comedy hour time.

  3. I’m soooo sad the book is done, I listen to every book club during work, you make me whole, warm and shnuggled in the greatest book club ever !!!!!! Long live the republic , god bless America and smack that donkey in the face!!!!!!!!!

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