Transformation Sequence #150 – Houseki no Kuni (Part 2)

By Vincent on

About Vincent

Vincent realised he was a lifelong nerd the moment he printed out his own Sailor Moon t-shirt at the age of 16 and wore it to school.

Now an adult (allegedly) he's one of the hosts of anime podcast Transformation Sequence where he applies psychoanalytics and epistemology to school girls stabbing monsters.

And yes, he now has an entire selection of Sailor Moon t-shirts.


After experiencing utter terror in their first battle against the Lunarians, Phos’ guilt over almost losing the Amethyst twins drives them to stay awake during winter, when all the other gems are asleep. For company, there is only Sensei, and Antarcticite. Spending time with the cold and distant Antar, Phos begins to change further, especially when tragedy strikes.

Thanks for much for all your support over the last 150 episodes! We hope you’ve enjoyed our rambling bullshit. It seems only fitting that episode 150 has about 4 solid minutes of Kym randomly screaming at things.

You can also find us on; Vince (@vincekenny), Kym (@kymcattys) and Ben (@benstonick). Or! Drop us an email address with You can listen to Transformation sequence on Stitcher, too!

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