Transformation Sequence #194 – Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen (Part 1)

By Vincent on

About Vincent

Vincent realised he was a lifelong nerd the moment he printed out his own Sailor Moon t-shirt at the age of 16 and wore it to school.

Now an adult (allegedly) he's one of the hosts of anime podcast Transformation Sequence where he applies psychoanalytics and epistemology to school girls stabbing monsters.

And yes, he now has an entire selection of Sailor Moon t-shirts.


Koizumi-san transferred into Class B shrouded in mystery – nobody even knows her first name. Her classmate, Yuu Osawa, is smitten by her beauty, but her friends are more reluctant about becoming close to someone who seems very unsociable. Yuu, however, makes an attempt to befriend her through a chance meeting at a ramen shop. It was there that she finds out that Koizumi-san enjoys ramen, and Yuu begins to use this discovery in order to get close to her. After attempting to strike up a conversation at the cafeteria using the ramen special, and after secretly following Koizumi-san by train to eat at a ramen shop with her uninvited, Yuu fails to make friends with Koizumi-san. However, Yuu is still determined to win her over.

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