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One of my most anticipated games of this wonderful year has just been released and I am more than happy to announce that Transistor is both great and extremely special. I will be honest, my brain over-hyped Transistor a tad so when I first got my hands on it I was not immediately sucked in. This video is roughly three or four hours into the campaign and I was fully invested in all aspects of Supergiant’s newest game at this point. It is a slow burn, but just like most things that take time to enjoy, the reward is that much sweeter.

I will warn you, even though this video is only a few hours in, there are some spoilers you may want to avoid. If so, just watch the first chunk to get an overall vibe of Transistor. I think you should play it regardless since it is truly something special. Also, Supergiant has always made a point of having excellent sound, both music and narration, so it felt wrong to turn the game’s volume way down. Hope you like it!

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