Trials Evolutions Preview: Pax East 2012

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Trials is back with a whole new level of craziness in tow. Trials for the unfamiliar is a side scrolling motorcycle game based on real-ish physics and crazy-ass jumps.

Trials Evolution’s single player is a more of the same affair. There are 60 single player tracks ranging from easy to carpal tunnel. You move your rider from left to right trying to get to the finish line quickly with as few faults as possible. The main difference between HD and Evolution is the craziness of the obstacles you’ll face. Tracks are no longer limited to a straight line. You turn in and out of the world while explosions and destruction rain around you. The best part is that all of this can be played with friends. 

There are two multiplayer modes. The first is played on the single player courses. The other players are shown as ghosts and you race to the finish. The other mode is “Super Cross”. In Super Cross, the track is four lanes wide allowing for all of the bikes to be on the same course. This can be played locally or online. Everyone shares the same camera and if you fall behind it counts as a fault. If that happens, you will be send to the next check point, allowing you to continue. The winner is first determined by the fewest faults, followed by time. This mode includes 15 tracks, but with the new level editor, you could download thousands.

Trials HD also allowed you to design your own tracks, but limited you to trading them with your friends. Now you’ll be able to browse a list of all the best tracks including tracks picked by Red Lynx. There are two track editors – a basic and a complex. The basic editor allows you to draw out a track and start adding jumps. The complex editor is a whole other beast. There’s a whole swath of switches you can use now which is basically like a visual scripting language. The possibilities are nearly endless. One example was actually a first person shooter which you can see in the Trials Evolution trailer.

With the editor, new single player, and multiplayer I don’t see my self ever stopping when Trials Evolution comes out April 18 on Xbox Live Arcade.


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