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Michael founded GeeklyInc with Tim Lanning way back in 2013 when they realized they had two podcasts and needed a place to stick them. Since then, Geekly has grown and taken off in ways Michael could have never imagined.


Artist representation of George R.R. Martin signing the audio book

Win the CD Version of A Dance with Dragons which retails for $70.00. There are two boxes, the first of which is signed by the man himself, George R.R. Martin.

To enter, review our podcast on iTunes, and then copy and paste that review in a reply to this post.

That is pretty much it! If you already reviewed us months ago, you just need to find that review and again copy and paste it here. We will be randomly choosing a winner from people that reply to this post.

Pro-tip: It take a couple days for the reviews to show up in iTunes, so do your copying and pasting before you submit the review.

Bonus Entries! You may get a bonus entry once per day by tweeting about the contest. For the tweet to qualify, you must include a link to this page, and the following hashtag: #cotcontest. Here is an example, or just click here to tweet.

Win the ADWD audio book signed by George RR Martin from @castofthrones! Details here: #cotcontest

We will announce the winner on our February 12, 2012 podcast. You can attend the podcast recording via TinyChat if you like!


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  2. My geeks, my friends, and me *****(out of 5)
    by levifilm – Nov 7, 2011

    As someone relatively new to Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire series–your show sets an appropriate pace and companion for either series. I like the varied personalities on the show and the chemsitry is of alchemist-like proportions.

  3. Here is my Podcast review:

    Great Podcast
    Great podcast. I love how they won’t let Mike Dao read the books and then make fun of him for not guessing what happens in the series.

  4. Rating 5/5
    Title: Great podcast.
    Review: I find this podcast to be a great filler while waiting for the next season to start up on HBO.

    I’m also reading the books, but listening to the podcast is like talking with all my friends when we first all watched the episodes. There’s a lot of good information that you can absorb about this series, keep up the great work guys!

  5. Rating: Five out of five stars.
    Title: Best Podcast

    Podcasts have never been able to peak my interest until this one. I am always excited to download the latest episode. The sense of humor of the cast is great. It always keeps me laughing. Great work. Keep them coming.

  6. Rating: 5 out of 5

    Title: Awesome opossum podcast!

    Review: Honestly, this is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I’ve loved every single entry! Back when the show was airing, it helped me get from week to week. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it through these dark months of no GoT without them! It’s downright hysterical!

  7. Loved the interview kids! I’ve been listening since ep.1 and I was probably one of your first fans and I’ve told all my GOT watercooler buddies about you.
    I’ve read all the books and I just had to finally brake down get cable just to watch. (I watch lots of movies not much TV) Thank goodness they are doing such a good job with the adaptation, otherwise I would be pissed!!!
    Anyway, keep up the great work 🙂

  8. Rating: 5 out of 5
    Title: Funny
    Hey I just finished reading the first book and saw the whole season at my friends home. We are in Norway so she down loaded them online.
    This pod cast is so funny, it’s just the way I talk with my friends so I totally relate, haha!!!

  9. You win or you die (laughing!) *****
    by StevenR10 – Jan 24, 2012

    I’ve been listening to Cast of Thrones since mid-Season 1 of “Game of Thrones” and I absolutely love it! It’s a better overall experience if you’ve read the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books, but they even cater to those who haven’t by not allowing one of the cohosts to read ahead of the TV show (hilarity ensues). It’s not a very structured podcast, but more of a lighthearted and fun conversation with good friends who share a love for quality entertainment and witty humor. I always look forward to catching up with Michael, Tim, Jennifer, Nick, and Mike, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about Season 2!

  10. Speaking as an avid reader of the Fire and Ice series for many years now, I can say with certainty that this is one of the better podcasts among the dozens that have sprung up after the show aired last spring. That said, there are some qualms I have with it as well. The hosts, while funny and charismatic can wander off topic too much somethings, and often spoil critical plot moments without much care. If I were listening to this podcast without prior knowledge ofthe books I’d likely be upset at how they go about handling spoilers and such. As it is, it might be more suited for people who have already read the book. There is also a bit of a quality issue, with one of the hosts sounding as if he is recording on a toaster. I understand that most podcasts aren’t proffessional and are a product of love for a topic but its a bit offputting none the less. Now, I now this may have seemed like a mostly negative review but don’t get me wrong, if you’re a fan of the series, and want to catch up or prepare for season 2 this April you should definitely give it a listen, I’m sure you’ll like it.

  11. Mine from 18 June 2011.

    5 Stars

    This is a fantastic podcast. It’s informative, witty, and insightful. However, I think the best part is the casual back and forth banter of the cast. It makes you feel like you are in a conversation with friends, not just listening to a radio show. I’m hooked and can’t wait for next weeks podcast.

  12. This podcast is going to get me fired! ***** (out of five)
    by LostNTonic – Jul 17, 2011

    The last two weeks I’ve been catching up with the tail end of season 1 at work (stealthily in my cubicle with my headphones on). With the level of hilarity and shenanigans that go on in the podcast I constantly find myself trying to stifle outbursts of laughter throughout the entire show. That is definitely not a bad thing for a podcast listener, but it is when you are supposed to be down to serious business at work. I can only imagine my attempts to not laugh out lout at the office sound like I’m snuffing out baby rhinos with very large pillows (not a Drogo reference) or doing something worse, and possibly perverted.

  13. Lots of fun

    but it does leave you with many questions (SPOILERS):

    Why does Mike Dao hang with these cads?
    How many times can you slug TimLanning in the arm for saying ‘Totes’?
    Why is Thrifty Nerd drinking R Bristow’s nipple milk?
    And when speaking of the birth of the Dire Wolves, shouldn’t Jennifer have said “SPOILER ALERT” before explaining how the uterus works?

    • I also gave 5/5
      And I just tweeted about the contest:

      My tweet: When u play the @CastofThrones #cotcontest u win audio of #ADWD or lose to 1 of 14 other contestants

      I’m pretty sure I’ve got a 167% chance of winning!

  14. The best podcast on iTunes… legit *****

    I literally cried with laughter listening to this, and I was on a bus. This genuinely gave me more enjoyment than the actual TV show, these guys should get some sort of EMMY or something. AMAZING!


  15. Here’s my review:
    Great podcast by nodgenico
    This podcast is one of the best I’ve listened to. It fills in the gap between seasons, and even has really cool interviews. The hosts are funny, and their chemistry is great. 

  16. 5/5 (Entertaining & helpful: it’s under ‘mishymoo’)

    stumbled upon this podcast somehow having watched the first season of Game of Thrones, and the hosts do their best without spoiling fans who haven’t read the books yet! All sorts of topics are covered for the TV show after each episode, and the experiment they’ve got with Mike Dao is fantastic. He isn’t allowed to read past the season of the show, which means he’ll be there to make guesses (hilariously wrongly at times) about what’s coming up. If you have read the books, it’s still entertaining. They do have discussions about the books as well. Give it a listen!

  17. “A podcast finer than any Dornish summer wine”

    Whether you read the series or watching the show, this podcast is just a great place to listen/chat with fans of Song of Ice and Fire. Bonus you get to see the podcast/hang out with them live in tiny chat.

    5 stars!

  18. 5/5
    I love everything about this podcast: the humor, the insight about the show and book, and the commentary. It feels like I’m chatting with friends about the show and everyone is hilarious. I can’t wait for next season since there will be more to listen to.

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  20. Donkey-tastic!!!
    LOVE love love. I can’t wait for season 2!!! You guys are the best!

    Also I gave you guys five stars. Cuz you deserve it. 🙂


    Cast of Thrones is everything one could ever hope and dream for in a nicely timed weekly podcast. I greatly enjoy what they’ve done in the show’s off time, which has included a breathtaking 47 hour long spoiler cast for a Dance with Dragons. Great dynamic, one star for each member adds up to five.

  22. here is my review:
    Love hearing this gang of geeks talking about Game of Thrones. I can finally hear Game of Thrones conversations without being laught at for beeing total nerd.
    Thanks for making my work day better

  23. A comforting as a skin of Dornish Red!

    If you like George R.R. Martin’s series of books “A Song of Ice and Fire” then you will enjoy this podcast. It’s as if you’re part of the conversation, discussing your favourite characters, humourous anecdotes and generally just sharing a love for characters that seem as real as the next door neighbour – albeit more bloodthirsty (one would hope).

    And even better, it’s so free that even a hedge knight can afford it!

    Download it now, before Winter comes!

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  25. *****
    HOT RATS….
    would be a sometimes tasty treat in any of the Seven Kingdoms,but this podcast would always be welcomed for the crazy zany goings on. Enjoyable snark!

  26. Don’t miss this great podcast about Game of Thrones!!
    I would ride my donkey hard and put him in wet to listen to this podcast. It is one of the most entertaining shows out there about GOT that includes a group you would want to just kick back, have a drink and laugh your arse off. The banter that goes on about the show, that has recently included the first book, has made long train rides from work something to look forward to. Thrifty, Tim, Jennifer and Nick are some kewl kats…Dao is ok too. Keep up the great work!!

  27. Funnier than a Dictionary-sized Thaco (or thacco?) themed Joke Book!

    When Game of Thrones first came on tv, I really needed a great Podcast to fill in the horrendously long time in between Seasons. Thankfully, Cast of Thrones does all that and then some. Let me just say these five are the funniest people to ever ride a Dire Donkey.

    Oh and sorry guys but, Jennifer’s the funniest out of everyone.

  28. A humurous and enjoyable way to fill the void between seasons. 5/5

    I have read all of the books in this series and I have watched the first season of the show. I am eagerly awaiting the debut of the second season, and this podcast is a great way to pass the days, weeks, and months until the show starts back up. The “main” episodes of this podcast provide an entertaining recap of each episode as the hosts walk through the important points of the story while japing around with each other. The interviews with members of the cast are also an excellent treat and a very interesting addition to the show. Keep on keeping on winterfellas.

  29. On the UK iTunes store:

    If you are looking for a serious, dramatic, and literary take on the A Song Of Ice and Fire series or the Game of Thrones HBO show, then…well, you’re kind of missing the point.

    Cast of Thrones is possibly my favourite podcast, not only because of the subject matter, but because the hosts are so very much fun. Funny themselves and having fun with each other, listening makes you feel like you’re sitting around a pub talking Game of Thrones with your friends – and your friends are way, way more hammered than you.

    They make a great effort to not include spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the books, which is kind of fun and kind of frustrating for me (having read the whole series). But I appreciate the inclusive attitude.

    I particularly appreciate the crude humour, which is peppered throughout every show.

  30. Funny, engaging and very, very twisted and wrong in places – and that’s just the donkey…

    Love it.

    (Am I too late – how long is 2.5 days? Bet it was in last night’s podcast. It is known…)

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