Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 4, Episode 1: The Riddle House

By Sarah Tompkins on

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We’re bbbaaaaaaaaaack. It’s a new book and a new season over here at Yer a Wizard Headquarters. Before we dig into our longest adventure to date, we’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our friends and listeners who backed us on Kickstarter for making this season possible. It was such an amazing outpouring of support and we are beyond grateful.

THIS SEASON Michael, Bijaya, and Sarah all put their names in the Goblet of Fire and compete in THE TRIQUIZARD TOURNAMENT. Broken in to 3 segments, this season’s trivia challenge will be the most challenge-y yet. Who will claim the cup? Will Michael reign supreme? Or is this Bijaya’s year??? No one knows! (Not even our dear podcasters!)

This episode we also talk about The Riddle House, the pain of trying to write your biography on a typewriter, milking snakes, and our preconceptions of The Goblet of Fire.

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