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Witches, Wizards, Anamagi, Death Eaters, and all Yer A Wizardists! We are SO excited to announce that your favorite Golden Trio (yes, even Michael), will be back for another season of Yer a Wizard, Harry!

But we need your help: Book 4, The Goblet of Fire , will be a massive undertaking at 37 weeks! We are launching a Kickstarter campaign NOW asking for just a little love in exchange for our time and podcasting skills. Not to mention, we want you to get super cool rewards and prizes.

Apparate – don’t walk – to get some/a few/all of the following prizes:

  • A SUPER neat t-shirt with our amazing Season 4 artwork (created by the incomparable Jesse Carlton).
  • A guest spot on an ACTUAL episode
  • A spot in the Slug Club – a costumed picnic lunch at GeeklyCon full of MYSTERY…and MURDER? (Maybe not the murder part, but definitely the mystery)
  • The chance to play DND with Michael as your DM!! (Loaded D20 not included)
  • Some sweet temporary tattoos for your very own Death Eater experience
  • Bookmarks
  • The chance to play Fiasco with Bijaya and Sarah
  • AND OF COURSE, access to the live stream of the Tri-Quizzard Tournament! (And the chance to witness Bijaya’s ultimate victory…finally?!)

So hop on over, there are just 21 days to go!

Cheers, mates!


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