Yer a Wizard, Harry – Episode 10: Halloween

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Boo! It may be spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s Halloween here in the Yer-a-Wizardsphere.

We begin this week as we always do – with the Quizzich Cup which is neck in neck! (It’s anyone’s game at this point, folks.) We also discuss just what could be in that long, thin package with the bristles sticking out, and we ask What’s the deal with Quidditch?

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  1. Man, i love “You are a practitioner of magical arts, Harold. But surely you were aware of that already.” I wait for it every week.

  2. Quidditch is by far the lamest part of the series. It makes zero sense, especially the snitch nonsense. The exponential point value for the seeker is absurdly off the charts. Think about sports with different point values. Basketball awards points based on the relative difficulty of the task- 1 pt for a free throw (easy), 2 for a regular basket, 3 points for a long distance shot (difficult). The difference in football between a field goal and a touchdown is equally weighted in terms of difficulty vs. point value. Quidditch awards 15 times the point value for the damn snitch! That would only make sense if catching the snitch was a task that was equivalently difficult and rare, and there is no sense in the series that this is so. Imagine the NBA started letting you take a 30 point shot from the last row seats of the arena. You’d have a bunch of Steph Curry types on rosters who did nothing but practice that shot. Ugh I forget what my point was here other than the fact that quidditch is stupid.

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