Yer a Wizard, Harry – Episode 2: The Vanishing Glass

By Sarah Tompkins on

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Witches, wizards, warlocks, muggles, and squibs alike – Yer a Wizard, Harry is back for a second podcast. (Yes – you heard that right!)

This episode: The battle for the Quizzich Cup continues (will a full point finally be awarded?), we talk about Chapter 2: The Vanishing Glass, try to speak British, and receive a letter from a disgruntled Hufflepuff.

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  1. I was listening on my drive to work and I had to pull over because of the awesomeness of that letter. It made me very proud to be a Hufflepuff.

      • Nice work! Started listening recently, and I digg it. It would be awesome if you all had guest-hosts once the show gets its stride.

        Could you please let us know where we can get the text of the disgruntled Hufflepuff Letter? Thanks!


        • I haven’t uploaded the text anywhere yet, but let me confer with my cohosts and we will let you know as soon as I let it into the ether!

    Whereas I would still keep an eye on that ‘Quizzitch’ section of the podcast I must admit that episode 2 was exceptional. Special kudos must be given to the Hufflepuff rant, that was bloody BRILLIANT.
    Nice work, see you next time.

  3. Podcast number 3 for me on the Geekly Inc network. This stuff is great. I truly loved the letter, Sarah! I’ve never really delved into discovering what House I belonged to, but I’ve always thought it was a toss up between Griffindor and Hufflepuff. I had some funny looks from a few co-workers during that letter though. Thanks for sharing. I really want to see that in text form so that I can nab some of the flavorful adjectives and names.

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