Yer A Wizard, Harry – Episode 4: The Keeper of the Keys

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Our intrepid heroes (us, I mean us) return for another week of Harry Potter funtimes!

This week, we find out who is at the door (hint: it is not a rocket), Hagrid finally utters his infamous line (or does he??), and a super fan (guest star Tim Lanning) has a Brush With (Harry Potter) Fame.

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  1. You guys get so excited that it’s infectious. I really want to watch a couple Harry Potter movies tonight. And you’re all so funny.

    Is there a possible chance that a forum thread can be made for “Yer a Wizard, Harry” or has the majority of the community moved to reddit?

  2. Loving the podcast as a long time Potter fan, probably read through the books over at times at this point so it’s great to hear people with as much passion for it as me =]
    Just wanted to say you guys were mainly right about the underage magic thing. Underage wizards have ‘the trace’ upon them meaning magic cast in their vicinity is detectable by the ministry of magic but it’s not possible to tell who cast the magic so it’s up to wizarding families to police their own kids but kids from muggle households get caught straight away as Harry did several times. It’s discussed at some length in Hallows because it’s thought that’s how death eaters are tracking Harry.
    Feels damn good to spew a hot load of nerd stuff from my brain every now and then.
    Keep up the great work!

    • I think I remember that now that you mention it! I’m sure we will revisit this topic when we get to Deathly Hallows!

      Thanks for listening!

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