Yer a Wizard, Harry – Episode 5: Diagon Alley

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Forget Super Tuesday – it’s Super Wednesday here at Geekly Inc., which means it’s time for our fearless podcasters to talk about Harry Potter!

This week, we finally explore the enchanting Diagon Alley, continue our quest to find a Quizzich Cup victor, and ask: What’s the deal with the Wizarding World and Wifi (and Taxes)? (Yes. Taxes. We are adults. Taxes are sadly too real. Not even wizards can avoid that noise.)

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  1. Galleons to Knuts weird exchange rate is because that’s how Pounds tp Pence used to work. And they used to have other currency too with weird exchange rates.

    • Prior to decimalizations in 1971 Britain used a system of pounds, shillings and pence. (‘£sd’ or ‘LSD’). The smallest unit of currency was a penny, the plural of which was pence (or pennies). There were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound.

      Thank god for decimalization.

  2. I really like how you guys develop conversations. I keep thinking along with your topics until you guys make really good points. Do you think Hogwarts makes a good amount of income from the ingredients and potions they make from the greenhouse? Maybe they make their own solvents and such because they’re self sufficient.

    • Oh man…I didn’t even think about that! I bet they do because, as Snape said, not a lot of people are good at potion making, etc.

  3. I’ve just started listening and re-reading to go along with the podcast.

    It’s so funny because I never thought about the Internet in the magic world, and loved the discussion!

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