Yer a Wizard, Harry – Episode 9: The Midnight Duel

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Rev your broomsticks, gentlepeople. It’s time for another rousing episode of This Old HP Podcast.

Holy chimera! We are over halfway through the Quizzich Cup! Also this week: Michael tells us why the Remembrall is the greatest invention in wizard creation, we question the decision making abilities of Madame Hooch, and we have yet another deeply, deeply disturbing Brush with Fame (with guest star Tim Lanning).

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  1. This podcast has rekindled my love for Harry Potter so much that I started re-reading the series. If anyone knows me, that is super big because I am a VERY slow reader and I get easily distracted, causing me to reread something over and over again, which makes me self-conscious and not want to read….But I digress. I got the audiobooks, and they are now my work commute and road-trip playlists. In two-ish weeks, I’m up to the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire (my favorite book), and I am just flooded with the excitement and glee I had whenever I first read them in elementary school (I’m 26 now, so it’s been a while).

    Thank you for this feeling, and thank you for making me want to actually go back and pick up my severely dusty copies of Harry Potter after I finish these audiobooks and start reading them outright.

    Also, all of you are so beautiful inside and out, including you Michael, and I hope this podcast never stops! (Also also, the way Jim Dale says “Voldemorrr” irks me like how Stephen Fry say “Malfohhy”). Okay byeeee.

    • Aw, this is so good to hear. Reading can be a challenge for so many reasons and audiobooks are excellent – particularly the Harry Potter ones that are so wonderfully narrated. It’s all so magic, isn’t it?

      We’re glad you’re listening and we can’t wait for you to keep following along with us!

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