Yer a Wizard, Harry Kickstarter – LAST CALL!

By Sarah Tompkins on

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We only have a few hours (as of this post 30 hours) left in our Kickstarter for Yer a Wizard, Harry, Season 3 – which means you only have a very short time to get some sweet swag ( and help us make our show)!


  • Play Fiasco with us!
  • Guest star in an actual episode!
  • Get some awesome mugs with our gorgeous artwork!
  • Grab a bookmark!
  • Swipe a supercool tank or shirt!
  • Alohomora exclusive content!

And you don’t even have to break the bank to do it – any and all support is appreciated.

We are so grateful to those who’ve already been wonderful and contributed, but for those who haven’t, remember that Time Turners don’t exist*, so act now!

*They do, but are incredibly unpredictable and unsafe and can change the course of history as we currently understand it, possibly creating a complex and vast and horrifying multiverse and how did they even let a small child have access to that?

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