Agents of Dreamland Review: The Static is the Signal

By Christina Ladd on

The Signalman is waiting. The cultists are waiting. Time divides them, and a short, terrible burst of violence, but that’s not very much, in the scheme of this universe. They all want to know what happened–what is happening–in the desert, but only the Signalman knows enough to be afraid. Something the cultists will only learn …


Cold-Forged Flame Review: Cold Hearts, Blank Minds, Can’t Lose

By Christina Ladd on

Marie Brennan is a true chameleon. I would never have guessed that this tough, relentless story was written by the same woman who gave us the intensely High Victorian Natural History of Dragons (plus sequels), but here it is, fast and furious. An unidentified protagonist—let’s not be too creative and call her Nameless Warrior—is brought …


Nevernight Review: To Sit in Solemn Silence on a Deep, Dark Cliff

By Christina Ladd on

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to your newest obsession. There’s murder. A lot of murder. And there’s mayhem. So much mayhem. Sex and drugs and–well, okay, there isn’t any rock and roll, but there are a bunch of teenagers who do rock. And roll. And poison, stab, seduce, and steal. From each other, from the faculty …