A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 4 (Updated)

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Update: There was a sync issue at the 1:04 mark. Please re download! Thank you!

In this episode we take a detour from A Dance with Dragons to focus on a Feast for Crows. Arguably the best book in the series according to the internets Tim Lanning. We talk roads, foods, politics, animal migration patterns in a world with sporadic seasons, and much much more that we actually talk about, because we don’t actually talk about the things I wrote here.


Chapters! (spoilers for character names) 

AFFC 8: Cersei II

AFFC 9: Jaime I

AFFC 10: Brienne II

AFFC 11: Sansa I

AFFC 12: The Kraken’s Daughter (Asha I)

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