A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons Book Club Episode 4 (Updated)

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Update: There was a sync issue at the 1:04 mark. Please re download! Thank you!

In this episode we take a detour from A Dance with Dragons to focus on a Feast for Crows. Arguably the best book in the series according to the internets Tim Lanning. We talk roads, foods, politics, animal migration patterns in a world with sporadic seasons, and much much more that we actually talk about, because we don’t actually talk about the things I wrote here.


Chapters! (spoilers for character names) 

AFFC 8: Cersei II

AFFC 9: Jaime I

AFFC 10: Brienne II

AFFC 11: Sansa I

AFFC 12: The Kraken’s Daughter (Asha I)

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  1. Asha Greyjoy’s uncle’s name is Rodrik Harlaw, not Greyjoy. Rodrik is Asha’s mothers brother. The sister who thinks the Ten Towers castle should be hers is Rodriks older sister. Asha’s mother is his other sister. Harlaw is one of the strongest Houses of the Iron Island after House Greyjoy.

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