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Spells and Whistles #4: Narset, Now and Then

By Harry Huberty on

Welcome back to Spells and Whistles!  Two weeks ago we used Karla Ortiz’s fine work on [mtg_card]Liliana, Heretical Healer[/mtg_card] and [mtg_card]Liliana, Defiant Necromancer[/mtg_card] as a jumping off point for talking about Liliana as a character and her presentation throughout the years. But time flies in the Multiverse!  This week, previews for the upcoming Dragons of …

Magic Gatherings #3: Pre-Pros and Pre-Cons

By Harry Huberty on

Welcome back to Magic Gatherings!  Last week we spent some time looking at budget hits from Fate Reforged—cards that will play well in your commander decks, which you probably can find lying around abandoned after draft night at your friendly local gaming store.  I left one major thing unmentioned, however, as one astute commentator pointed …

Spells and Whistles #2: All About Alesha

By Harry Huberty on

By Harry Huberty and Christina Ladd — Welcome back to Spells and Whistles!  In our sign-off last time, we indicated that we planned to talk planeswalkers this week. We’re putting that on hold, though, since something more topical happened after our column went to press: WotC revealed in their “Uncharted Realms” column that Mardu khan Alesha, …