Betrayal Legacy Initial Spoiler Free Thoughts

By Tim Lanning on

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Jennifer and Tim had a chance to play through the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Betrayal Legacy and we are here to tell you what we thought. While we don’t spoil anything, if you want to be absolutely unspoiled in that you don’t even want to know what comes in the box here is the short version – the game is amazing! We show off one card from chapter one so that is technically a spoiler. Also I spoil myself on accident during the video, but luckily you don’t see what I saw! Only my nervous sweat. We are so excited to get our campaign going this weekend so we will definitely share more of our thoughts.

Much like the initial Betrayal, Legacy is set within that cursed house. Your prologue game starts in the year 1666 and after the prologue there are 13 more chapters. The standard Legacy mechanics are found within: ripping up cards, writing on the board, lots of stickers and personalizing items. The starting house is actually really small, more of a shack in the woods really, but Betrayal Legacy adds in the option to explore the grounds around the estate. Expect to find many curiosities as you play through your initial games as well as when you open the box. For instance, there is a just a large mouth token looking at you as you punch out the pieces that you use for the first game. I still have no idea what the mouth does, and I cannot wait to find out! 

Betrayal Legacy releases on November 9th for $75. 3-5 players can play!

Since we got two copies of the game to take home we are giving one away! Tweet at me ( with proof that you gave a donation of any size to one of these organizations: Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, The Innocence Project, or The Florence Project with the #GeeklyBetrayal. Contest will run from now to November 8th! (US Only)

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