GeeklyInc 24-hour Charity Stream – 10 streams, 10 goals smashed!

By John Caulfield on

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Our 10th charity stream last weekend was amazing, we set the goal for $10,000 and we raised an incredible $10,740!

This means that we have raised over $87,000 for The Trevor Project through our streams (7 of which were for The Trevor Project) and almost $112,000 in total across all the charities we have supported! Ideas are already swirling through my head for our 11th stream next year.

A huge thank you to everyone involved. Whether you donated to The Trevor Project, appeared on the stream, or just gave us moral support in the chat, we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Thank you to all of the GeeklyInc hosts who joined the stream from ‘Greetings Adventurers’, ‘Cthulhu & Friends’, ‘Taverns and Caverns’, ‘Inks and Issues’, ‘No Page Unturned’, ‘Vanguard of the Veil’, and Wayward Shore’. Thanks also to our community members who appeared on the stream, Gaelen Izatt-Galloway, Josh Scalf, Jaime Atilano, and John Ecklund,

An extra special thank you to our guests from the ‘S House Studio’ podcast network, ‘Game Crimes’, ‘Brute Force‘, JM, A. Jordan Lambert, Omega Jones, and KP who all donated their time and their talents to fill the stream with entertainment.

Thanks also go to the companies who donated items for our prize giveaways; ‘Slugfest Games’, ‘Brotherwise Games’‘Raw Fury’, ‘Greater than Games’‘Leder Games’, and ‘Die Hard Dice’.

If you missed the stream and would still like to donate, the donation page will still be active until the end of the year at

On behalf of everyone here at GeeklyInc, a huge thank you to everyone for your support. We’re extremely grateful for everyone in this community, you make me proud to call myself a Geekly.

Thank you all, so much.

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