Brute Force – Episode 40 – Why Don’t We Be Honest

By Adam Bash on


The Brute Force attempts to infiltrate Giselle’s Cathouse, as they suspect the owner had something to do with the mantis attack on the Buxomy Tigress.

NOTE: We take about 30 minutes in this episode to describe our switch to FATE Core and describe how we rebuilt the Brute Force in this new system. Feel free to skip if game mechanics bore you, but do not miss the outtakes.

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Brute Force features Adam Bash as the storyteller, Carly Shields as Lola the Harpy, John Caulfield as Mort McCoy the Skeleton, and Patrick Rankin as Ezra the Golem. We play the Fate Core game system set in the mystical lands of Eorith.

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