Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10: The Children

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Another year, another season of Game of Thrones on the books. We take some time out of our busy schedules to discuss the finale of season 4. We get a lot of great scenes in this episode including the ultimate fan fic of Brienne vs The Hound, an epic battle beyond the wall, and a look at the tree people with Bran and co. This episode and season had some controversy with book readers, but we are sad to see you go. We’ll miss you forever Game of Thrones, xoxo.

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  1. i haven’t listened to the episode yet, but i really hope you guys don’t take too much time off. this is the only place to find enjoyable game of thrones discussion. and to be honest, listening to you guys just shoot the shit for 2 hours a week (regardless of the topic) would be pretty good, too.

  2. Thanks for putting out such an awesome podcast, guys. Like the previous poster stated, I hope you keep the show going during the downtime, even if it strays away from Game Of Thrones talk. Keep up the great work; you guys rock!

    PS- A quick question: How did you guys hook up? Part of the joy I get out of the podcast is the rapport you share, and it makes me wonder how long you all have been hanging together. I’d kind of dig hearing how you all came together & decided to start the podcast.


  3. While I understand the disappointment in not having zombie Cat show up, I really don’t see it as a deal breaker if they never do that plot thread because at this point, no one knows where it is going anyway.

    Even as the books go, what has the impact been of her being there? Brienne gets sent back to get/kill Jaime, Pod and a few others die. That’s it unless i’m really missing something and they have left out entire other meandering plots and nothing of value was lost.

    I’d rather have them spend time showing Arya becoming awesome, the dragons eating children and the impending war at the wall.

    That said, I was more angry and confused at the complete lack of any details of why anyone did anything in the finale. No chat between Tyrion and Jaime, not even a line from Stannis to Jon saying “hey we got your note”. Nothing!
    I was watching thinking anyone who hasn’t read the books was going to be missing a lot of background details and I hope they all go read the books after seeing it because I know i’d be confused as hell.

  4. Spoilers,

    I don’t get why you keep saying Tyrion has no motivation for confronting Tywin. He specifically stated his motivation in the dialogue. His father was going to have him killed even though he knows Tyrion is innocent. Tyrion has sat with that information his entire time in the cell, while also reliving the meaning of his cousin pounding on Beetles. Tyrion wants answers and that was his final chance to get them.

    To say he doesn’t have a strong motivation is just baffling.

  5. I thought Jojen’s death helped confirm Jojen paste more than it middle fingered it. One of the major counter arguments to Jojen paste was that we had no confirmation that Jojen actually died. If the show is ready to kill him there, that means he’s probably about to die or dead in the books too.

    • Exactly! In my opinion it even gives it more validity. I mean, they’re is no way that they could have Bran eating Jojen in the show. It’s a easy way out for them.

  6. First of all, I love you guys. All the stuff you do is great. I hope GeeklyCon is fantastic, and I hope you keep this up for years to come.

    With that said, being a fellow book reader, I know you guys know the sweet taste of shock and anger that we all get when we get to witness TV watchers reach pivotal moments like Ned, RW, Oberyn, etc.

    Recently I’ve learned something else. I’ve enjoyed most of the changes, and I get to have those same feelings watching some book readers squirm and cry foul at all the changes that are going on, which surprisingly happened a ton with you guys this episode.

    You guys sounded sooo sad. I loved it!

    (I do love when you guys are happy and excited as well. I promise!)


    I don’t see the big deal about Stoneheart missing. I actually expected it once the episode trailer came out and we saw Brienne’s shoulder pop on screen in front of the Hound and Arya.

    Lady Stoneheart does so little in the books that it’s as close to nothing as you can get without actually being nothing. It was bad enough that they had Yara promise to go hunt down and rescue Theon in the Season 3 finale, only to never address the story again until the I don’t know how many episodes later. If they did that with a revived Cat that feels like such a fulfilling tease. I’d rather have some build up next season with Brienne and Pod hearing about the Freys being hunted down as they go about searching for the young Lady Starks, and end that with the big reveal. And only do that if the next season afterwards actually has her *do* something.

    And I’m surprised to hear that they were scouting the Kingsmoot location. I just don’t understand the excitement that everyone has for it. To me it’s as important as Bran meeting Jojen and Meera at Winterfell instead of on the road. It could be cool, but I could also have seen them skipping it since there is so much to cover. It doesn’t help that the term “kingmoot” annoys the hell out of me. All I could think of as I read the term was “What the effs a kingsmoot? Like “moot” point? Like it doesn’t matter?” As annoying a term as “nuncle” for me.

    I was hoping they were going to retell the Tysha story, add in the part about making Tyrion go last and having to pay a gold piece, and then have Jaime reveal the truth… but this way? No depressed as fuck Tyrion the entire season? Bring it on! His chapters were some of the worst parts of Dance with Dragons with a few glimmers of something fantastic. Martin did his job too well in conveying just how depressed Tyrion was that it wasn’t enjoyable to read.

    And I agree that I also thought Jojen’s death confirmed Jojen paste.

    I guess that’s it. You guys are awesome! I look forward to all of your podcasts every week!

  7. I thought Cersei always intended to confront Tywin, the scene where she goes and tells him that she agrees to marry Loras was in the same episode that she went to all the judges to sway them to convict Tyrion. Now Tyrion is going to hang and she doesn’t have to play nice any longer.

    Also with regards to Jaime, I’m sure showing the book so much in this season means that they will do the redemption thing next season when he realizes that he set his brother free who then went and murdered his father.

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