Clean Room #1 Review: A Pink and Promising Start

By Christina Ladd on

The Clean Room #1 is a tantalizing first step into a world that is altogether a little too familiar.  Everything is overexposed–in graphic detail–but somehow still full of hidden agendas. Each character’s story immediately dramatically unfair, and madness is in ample supply. It’s a comic very much for and about this suspicious generation, weaned on corporate marketing …

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Kickstarter Preview: Steve Lichman Volume 1 Comic

By Nika Howard on

When playing role-playing tabletop games, such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, the players will often regale each other with the tales of their character’s courageous successes, overcoming hordes of foes, going against all odds, and coming out on top against the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy for those who don’t play). Honestly though, we’ve …

Cthulhu & Friends Presents: Project Bombshell Kickstarter!

By Cthulhu & Friends on

Hey Creepers! We finally made it! It’s time to make Project Bombshell a reality! In case you’ve forgotten, Project Bombshell is a series of comic books that delve into the back stories of the Cthulhu & Friends universe! Find out all about Jack before he was “The Man Jack!” Learn about 42’s past! Experience the …