Dungeon Hunter Alliance Review

By Nick on

  With the introduction of a new mobile platform, you can be sure Game Loft will be there with another installment of their generic dungeon crawling adventure series Dungeon Hunter Alliance. The series that got its start on the iOS and eventually PSN is here to try and scratch that Diablo itch on your Playstation …

MLB 12 The Show Review – Vita Version

By Michael DiMauro on

If you own a Vita, and are trying to choose between the two, I suggest getting the Vita version over the PS3. It isn’t quite as beautiful, and it only has most of the gameplay modes, but it is so darn close, that the freedom of having it on a handheld easily wins out. Maybe next year when owning a Vita is more common, it will be a harder decision, but for now, go with the Vita version all the way.

Sumioni: Demon Arts coming to Vita on March 20

By Michael DiMauro on

Sumioni: Demon Arts is an action/platformer for the PS Vita that is inspired by classical Japanese “sumi-e” ink art, and boy does it look gorgeous. The game will rely heavily on the Vita’s front and rear touch screens to create ink strokes that the player can interact with or use to destroy their enemies. Check out the announcement trailer below to see the game in action.