DmC Review: An EMOtional Journey Through Hell

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While the emo goth generation may have petered out in popularity in the past decade, it looks like Capcom failed to get the memo. Because here we are with a rebirth of the Devil May Cry series, with a whole lot of goth and emotion thrown in. 

Devil May Cry or DmC for short, brings us a brand new Dante from the beginning. You can tell its a new Dante because of his new hair cut, something that has caused massive rifts through the internet forums. But as I don’t care about imaginary people hair cuts, the new do doesn’t bother me. Dante is younger than in previous games, and he hasn’t started his demon hunting business yet. Instead, he is living it up as a smooth talking carney, ladies man. Still unaware of his REAL potential, he appears to be squandering his life away in booze and meaningless sex. Meanwhile the world is being taken over by a terrorist group called “The Order.” Their first act as a terrorist group was to get rid of all the people with original ideas for names of terrorist groups. Dante quickly gets dragged in to the conflict as he is sucked into purgatory.


The story is a bit silly and melodramatic at times, but it all kind of works. Everything in the game is so over the top, that you have to just go with it. Unlike most Devil May Cry games, I have to give DmC tons of credit for having a legible storyline. I was never lost on Dante’s goals and objectives. I knew why we were going on missions and what the end goal was. The story is not the most complicated thing, and this is a positive note. The story’s not really the point anyway.

DmC is character action game, and completely over the top and crazy, I couldn’t stop. Every single level has new and interesting enemies or combinations of enemies. All the while, you are earning new powers and unlocking abilities to the point where you need to pull of some impressive finger acrobatics to get that coveted SSS ranking. The brilliant thing is it starts off slowly and ramps up gradually. There is essentially one attack button, then there are modifiers to that attack. You have your sword in the middle, then a light weapon and a heavy weapon. These weapons are selected on the fly with the triggers and this allows for insane combos and tons of variety. Certain enemies can only be hurt with one weapon, so you’ll be switching back and forth mid fight.


The game can be a bit button mashy if you let it be – your enjoyment out of the game will vary based on what you put into it. If you want to go through the game smacking the Y (or triangle on PS3) button over and over, you probably aren’t going to have a good time. You can get through it, but why bother. This game is all about flying towards enemies, smacking them off a cliff, jumping after them, slamming them down, flying back, slamming another enemy down, launching a third enemy up, gun juggling him, charging up a blast and decimating him when he lands.


If you’re an action game fan, and want to put in the time to become good. This game will provide tons of challenge and excitement. I want to tell you about all the crazy crap that happens, but you really need to see it for yourself. So stop worrying about how Dante is “emo now cause he has black hair” and go get this game. It’s crazy how good it is.

4.5 Stars

DmC: Devil May Cry is available for X360 and PS3.

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