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By Tim Lanning on

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Playing Dungeons & Dragons can be tough, especially on the internet when you fellow adventurers are in different time zones. Luckily, technology has been inching closer and closer to recreating the mythical, if not stereotypical, gaming dungeon with online apps. Michael and I have been tooling around with Fantasy grounds for a bit and we wanted to share our initial impressions. Fantasy Grounds is a beefy and deep tool for playing tabletop games so we still very much had on our bambi legs in the below video. Still, with only the initial bit that we have tested, aided heavily by online tutorial videos, we still really enjoy Fantasy Grounds.

The initial hurdle of figuring out how to use Fantasy Grounds effectively may scare some folks off, especially given the price, but then I remember how difficult I thought Roll20 was when I first used it. Then I think of the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on D&D insider and books and the time/ financial investment doesn’t seem so harsh. We both agreed that switching our own electronic D&D campaign to Fantasy Grounds would be amazing. Maybe soon?

Let us know your thoughts on this new electronic tabletop future!


  1. This is the program that i use for my online games. We’ve added in some of the new WOTC content and it meshes really well. It constantly seems like we’re uncovering, intentionally or unintentionally, deeper and more awesome features. The ease of having most of the rolling rules already coded in helps me, as dm, keep my mind on my job. I give it a 10/10.. worth the dollars.

  2. Whatever happened with this anyways?
    It frustrating when you watch stuff like this and you sit there going

    “…NO! Wha? NOT LIKE THAT! …What are you doin now????? OMG!!!!. How do you not see it!!! ARGGGGGGG! ”

    But yeah it really is a hard learning curve. But once it clicks you get it.

    PS For some reason FG doesnt put the actions in the combat tracker for players. You have to attack from your Character Sheet

    PPS When it is a PC’s or NPC’s turn in the combat tracker that NPC or PC and Cntl Click on thier opponants and the combat tracker will add each in as targets to the next action the PC or NPC take. EG YOu can Cntl Click the 10 goblins then launch the fireball and all 10 in one hit will cop it!!!

    If you do another video maybe have one of the FG guys in the chat or something. Im sure one of them (or maybe one of the other users) would be happy to help out

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