Fourth GeeklyCon House Revealed

By Carly Shields on

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Carly is a designer and videogame nerd located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She joined the Geekly Community in Jan. 2015 and now has her hands full with making Geekly the best it can be. Oh, she's also Batman. There's always that.


In our second to last, or some would say penultimate installment of our series exploring a recently discovered cache of GeeklyCon memorabilia from days of yore. In this postcard from GeeklyCon Liverpool, a member of House Wigglebottom alludes to a prank played on “House Narvahl”, which we are assuming is a typo since that isn’t a word.

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supposed to be a prank on Narvahl since they beat us out by only a few points last year, but it may have gotten out of hand?  I mean, this was the only picture taken and you can barely even see the Griffins!

Were having the time of our lives in Liverpol, I only wish you could be here with us!  I’ve made so many new friends, and they’re incredibly welcoming! I’ll beg the parents to let us both g to Geeklycon next year, groovy?

Missing you a ton!




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