GeeklyInc 24-Hour Charity Stream 2021

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Join us over at the GeeklyInc Twitch channel on Saturday April 24th starting at 10am (ET) for our annual 24-hour charity stream.

We are proud to announce that we will once again be raising money for The Trevor Project during the stream. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. You can find out more about this amazing organization on their website

The hosts of some of your favorite GeeklyInc podcasts and special guests will be appearing throughout the day to play games, including the cast and crew from Joining Call (see below) and our friends from the S House Studio podcast network. You will not want to miss a single moment!

We have received some amazing donations from game companies that you, yes you, can win if you support The Trevor Project with a monetary donation. Additionally, come and watch the stream and enter the chat raffles throughout the day for a chance to win even more prizes. That’s at least two ways to win while supporting an amazing cause!

Last year you all helped to raise just over $14,400 for The Trevor Project, an incredible amount that we hope to beat this year and if anyone can do it, it’s the amazing GeeklyInc community.


April 24th (all times are ET) 

  • 10:00am – 1:00pm – Medium
    • Join Tim Lanning (‘Greetings Adventurers!’, ‘Dear Internet’, ‘Naruto Reviewto’), Michael DiMauro (‘Greetings Adventurers!’, ‘Dear Internet, ‘Yer A Wizard, Harry’), Nika Howard (‘Greetings Adventurers!’, ‘Love to Hate’), Mollie McBreen (‘Young Sentinels’, ‘Sex with Ghosts’), and John Caulfield (‘Brute Force’, ‘Tales of Villainy’) as they kick off the stream playing ‘Medium’ on Tabletop Simulator.
  • 1:15pm – 4:00pm – Pulp Cthulhu
    • Gamesmaster Veronica Escamilla-Brady (‘Welcome to St. Paxton’) hosts a game of ‘Pulp Cthulhu’ with Mike Bachmann (‘Greetings Adventurers’), Kym Stonick (‘Naruto Reviewto’, ‘Transformation Sequence’, ‘Love to Hate’), Carly Shields (‘Brute Force’), and Jane Ritt (‘Bounty Buddies’).
  • 4:15pm – 7:00pm – Dungeons & Dragons w/ the cast and crew of Joining Call
    • Michael DiMauro and the cast and crew of Joining Call; Pat Edwards (Writer: ‘Joining Call’, ‘The Red Opera’, Host: ‘Let’s Rewatch’), Matt Young (‘Joining Call’, ‘Hello from the Magic Tavern’), and Ash Blodgett (Director: ‘Joining Call’, Host: ‘Let’s Rewatch’) play a one-shot game of D&D using ‘The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock’ campaign supplement.
  • 7:15pm – 9:00pm – Vaesen: The Sight
    • Michael DiMauro (‘Vaesen: The Sight’), Carly Shields (‘Vaesen: The Sight’), Veronica Escamilla-Brady (‘Vaesen: The Sight’), Bridget Connell (‘Vaesen: The Sight’, Artist: ‘Drinks & Daggers’, ‘Lady Baltimore: The Witch Queens’), and Justin Connell (‘Vaesen: The Sight’) get spooky with a game of ‘Vaesen’.
  • 9:15pm – 11:00pm – Dungeons & Dragons w/ Greetings Adventurers!
    • Greetings Adventurers! He is your Dungeon Master, David Stewart (Editor: ‘Greetings Adventurers!’)Michael DiMauro, and with him are Tim Lanning, Nika Howard, Jennifer Cheek (‘Greetings Adventurers!’) and Mike Baaaaaachman. Watch with delight as they entertain us all with their off-the-wall brand of shenanigans.
  • 11:15pm – 1:00am – Jackbox
    • Tim Lanning, Bijaya Shrestha (‘Yer A Wizard, Harry’), Sarah Tompkins (‘Yer A Wizard, Harry’), Steph Haney (Welcome to St. Paxton’), Matt Spurlin (‘Random Encounters’), John Caulfield, and Hiroshi Sutherland (Editor: ‘Welcome to St. Paxton’) get silly with ‘Jackbox’.

April 25th

  • 1:15am – 4:00am – Phasmophobia
    • Turn out the lights and get ready for spookems. ‘Phasmophobia’ with Tim Lanning, John Caulfield, Vince Kenny (‘Transformation Sequence’), and Hiroshi Sutherland (who will be streaming from a particularly creepy and possibly haunted location).
  • 4:15am – 7:00am – Horrified
    • Keeping it spooky playing ‘Horrified’ on Tabletop Simulator with John Caulfield, Hiroshi Sutherland, Mollie McBreen, and Steph Kingston (‘Tails of Villainy’, ‘Love to Hate’).
  • 7:15am – 10:00am – One Night Ultimate Werewolf w/ S House Studio
    • Join the SHU Podcast network to close down the stream and kick us over the finish line with a big game of ‘One Night Ultimate Werewolf’, with Alex Cater (‘S House Studio’, all of it), Mollie McBreen, Steph Kingston, Phil Canada (‘Tales of Villainy’), Ali Norero (‘Tails of Villainy’), Maddie Fontinell (‘Young Sentinels’), Freija (‘Union of Heroes’), June Munford (‘Weird Adventures in Space’), and John Caulfield.


Donor Prizes

  • Donated by Brotherwise Games
    • Unearth Bundle
      • Unearth
      • The Lost Tribe
    • Boss Monster Bundle
      • Boss Monster
      • Boss Monster: The Next Level
      • Rise of the Minibosses
    • Overboss
  • Donated by Slugfest Games
    • Red Dragon Inn Bundle
      • Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains
      • Smorgasbox Eco edition
      • Red Dragon Inn Allies: Ohava vs Murgath
      • Red Dragon Inn Allies: Piper vs Ripsnarl
      • Promo Cards
  • Donated By Greater Than Games
    • Medium Bundle
      • Medium
      • Second Sight
      • Medium Promo
    • Kill Doctor Lucky Bundle
      • Kill Doctor Lucky
      • Get Lucky
      • The Island of Doctor Lucky
      • Doctor Lucky’s Mansion that is Haunted
    • Compounded Bundle
      • Compounded
      • Compounded: The Geiger Expansion
    • Brewers Bundle
      • Homebrewers
      • Microbrewers
    • Dance of the Fireflies x2
    • Codinca x2

Chat Raffle Prizes

  • Donated by Slugfest Games
    • Red Dragon Inn Allies: Piper vs Ripsnarl plus
      • Promo cards
  • Donated by Zoltar’s Bazaar
    • 7 slot Bloodwood Dice Vault
    • 7 slot Osage Orange Dice Vault
    • 7 slot Mixed Wood Dice Vault
  • Donated by Raw Fury
    • Atomicrops – Steam key
    • Call of the Sea – Steam key
    • Dandara – Steam key
    • GONNER2 – Steam key
    • Kathy Rain – Steam key
    • Kingdom: New Lands – Steam key
    • Mosaic – Steam key
    • Night Call – Steam key
    • Per Aspera – Steam key
    • Star Renegades – Steam key
    • Whispers of a Machine – Steam key
    • West of Dead – Steam key
  • Donated by Eventyr
    • 3x A Heart of Cold D&D adventure supplement pdf
    • Nybor’s Tome of Enchantments D&D supplement pdf
  • Donated by Apotheosis Studios
    • The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock D&D campaign supplement pdf
  • Donated By Roll20
    • Midgard Heroes Handbook D&D compendium module
    • Candlekeep Mysteries D&D compendium module
    • Dungeons Master’s Guide D&D compendium module
    • Tyranny of Dragons D&D compendium module
  • Donated by Monica Ruiz
    • 4x Hand Crocheted Dragon Egg Dice Bags

* Subject to change

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