Harmonix Announces Rock Band 4

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Harmonix reveals Rock Band 4 will be launching on PS4 and XboxOne in 2015, to the delight of its passionate fans.

Developers have made some crucial steps to ensure success on the current generation, most importantly – purchased songs will carry over.  Further, there will be no fee associated with this transfer.  However, if you purchased your DLC on Xbox360, it will only transfer to XboxOne and vice versa.

Licensing restrictions will prevent the end user from transferring songs from the Rock Band 3 disc to Rock Band 4, though Harmonix has said they are trying to make that possible. Also important to note that the songs from The Beatles: Rock Band will not transfer over either.

At present, your old guitars and drum sets will not work because of a change in wireless controller protocol with both PlayStation and Xbox on their current consoles.  Harmonix explained that while they are actively working with both Sony and Microsoft to create plug-in adapters, that would allow use of your old controllers, it is unclear when, or if, this conflict will be resolved.

At the zenith of rhythm gaming, there were nine main titles released in seven years between both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Harmonix knows people are hungry for new content, but plan to avoid the over saturation pitfall they experienced in 2012. The studio clarified that they learned from the collapse and currently have no plans for a sequel. That isn’t to say players won’t have access to new songs and content. Those will be made available periodically as DLC.

Watch Harmonix describe their journey to Rock Band 4 below:


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