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Atlus fans rejoice!  After a release fraught with delays spanning over a year, Persona 5 is set to be available this April 4th.  Atlus has just released some new video trailers to introduce confidants that will aid your team in righting the wrongs inflicted by the corrupt world they live in.  Persona 5 follows a group of disenfranchised teenagers who start a team called “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” which rail against the dystopian version of Japan they live in.

Take a look below at the tertiary characters announced that will lend help to the team including Shinya Oda (An Arcade Shooter wiz-kid with a talent for teaching gunplay), Ichiko Ohya (a Reporter that will increase your team’s street cred and improve stealth skills), Chihaya Mifune (A Fortune Teller whose reading provides useful buffs), and Yuuki Mishima (a Social Media Genius who works the team’s website and provides EXP buffs)  :


Persona 5 will be available on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, April 4, 2017 from the Playstation app store.  You also buy a copy on Amazon in Standard, Steelbook Edition and “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition on Amazon.

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