Inks & Issues #46 – Uzumaki Part 1 w/Ben & Kym Stonick

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Inks & Issues #46 - Uzumaki Part 1 w/Ben & Kym Stonick

Hello friends, and welcome to Inks & Issues! We are incredibly excited to be the newest member of the GeeklyInc family of podcasts. If you haven’t heard us before, we are a book-club style podcast that covers comic books. But we don’t only focus on the latest and greatest. We often take a look back at older graphic novels or famous story arcs. But not just the big publishers like Marvel and DC (although we do love us some Batman). We also cover independent books.

You don’t have to be current on comics to enjoy our show. In fact, we have had many listers tell us they don’t read comics at all and just enjoy our discussions. Whatever the case for you, thanks for giving us a listen, and hopefully a 5-star review over on iTunes.

Episode #46 – Uzumake Part 1

Enter a world of snail men and killer spirals as the anime duo of Kym and Ben Stonick of Transformation Sequence join us once again to discuss comics from Japan! This time around we tackle master of horror manga Junji Ito’s “Uzumaki,” about a quaint little cursed town and the people that live there.

I have purposely tried to use a cover image that wouldn’t give you nightmares, although this comic did give a few to Jonah.

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