Kickstarter Alert: Elderwood Academy Scroll and Codex

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Anyone who plays tabletop games knows there are always new gadgets and accessories to amp up the gaming experience. The ever changing and adapting market for gaming accessories has catapulted into the forefront of tabletop gaming and in the recent years, there have been more and more companies coming out to complete in this market, all vying for gamers’ attention. What this means for you, the gamer, is that there is a plethora of crafted items that are available to elevate your gaming experience.


First up, we have the newest Kickstarter from Elderwood Academy. During GenCon this year, Brad Brockway and I had the chance to meet up with Quentin and Dan, founders of Elderwood Academy. and we were able to see and experience everything they are about. During our meetup, Dan had mentioned about wanting to craft products that immerse the gamer into the game and this Kickstarter sums this up perfectly. The Scroll and Codex, respectively, are two new gaming accessories to Elderwood Academy’s product line. The Scroll is a dice rolling tray that is able to unroll and fit into the Codex for easy carrying. There are several different types of customized edges on the Scroll, as well as different designs for the leather, all available on different tiers of the Kickstarter. The Codex, is a scroll shaped wooden case, with an outer leather design that transforms into a dice rolling tower. Together, these pieces really look as though you are going on an adventuring quest!


Make sure to check out their Kickstarter for more information on each piece as well as the different tiers available as a backer on the project!

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