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If you’re anything like me, you love board games. Big sprawling epics with intricate rules and tiny pieces with wonderful detail to lose yourself in. But also like me, I suspect these types of games are incredibly daunting for some of your less enthused friends and family. This is where micro games come in. Small, simple games that can help ease a group into the hobby. While I tend to bore quickly of most micro games, No Thanks has quickly become a house favorite.

Let me quickly breakdown the rules for you. The goal of the game is to have the lowest score. You have a deck of cards with numbers on it ranging from 3-35. There is one of each number in the deck. You shuffle and then discard 7 cards without looking at them. Each player is given 11 adorably small poker chips and you’re all set. One card is flipped over, and one at a time you either take the card or place a chip on it. The interesting twist is if you have sequential cards, only the lowest card counts towards your score.

And that’s basically it. Cards add to your score and chips take it away. It seems so incredibly simple at first, but there is so much more to it. Like most games that are truly great, this game is about playing the people around you. Taking a high card may seem like a waste to someone new to the game, but having high cards gives you power.

Nobody wants the high card, so you can play it to your advantage. If you have 33, and a 34 comes up, you could take the card without effecting your score, but what if you didn’t take it. What if you placed your chip on it and tested your table to see how far you could push them. DARE them to take it and ruin their chances of winning. They continue to pile chips on it as long as you dare and snatch it up allowing you to stockpile their precious resources.

It’s a little bit of luck and gambling mixed with mind games and you have a great game for under $15.

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