Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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Octodad:  Dadliest Catch isn’t the newest game based on the Discovery Channel’s show “Deadliest Catch” and it isn’t even really a new game (it was released in January 2014). But what it is, is a game full of hilarity and  is bound to entertain you. The premise for this game is that you are “Octodad”, an octopus who is trying to pass as a human with a wife and two children.  Let’s just think about that for a minute…you are an octopus with human children. In any case, there are problems with being an octopus in a human world; the sushi chef is constantly after you because he thinks he knows your secret, you have to do simple everyday things to fit in, and you have to try not to ink on people.


This scene has literally happened to me before…it was rough but hilarious.

So you might be asking what do you actually do in Octodad? Well there are normal things, like put on your tie, get coffee, mow the lawn, and cook for your family. You also get to run through a grocery store, get married, and go to the aquarium. Think all of this sounds easy? Well if you have played QWOP you will know that it isn’t the case. You have to use the joysticks and triggers to control your movements and what you can grab and even the smallest tasks are take some getting used to.

My advice is get your friends together and get this game… it’s for sale for $15 and honestly I think pretty worth it considering I was laughing till I was crying. So check it out and try to be the best “Octodad” you can be.

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