Penny Dreadful 305 “The World is Our Hell”

By Steph Kingston on

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Listeners, if you had started to appreciate the academic and grown up vibe that we’ve been getting into this season then we are sorry (not sorry) for ruining it this episode.  Steph returns along with special guest Kym Stonick to spend an awful lot of time talking about cave fucking.  We also discuss how Rusk keeps his arm polished, Frekyll being dicks to each other, home schooled witches and manage to fit in some good discussion about this…questionable episode.

Your hosts are Brad Brockway (@bsquared_yo), Nika Howard (@Nika_howard), Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston) and Kym Stonick (@kymcattys)

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  1. Loooooooove The new girl!!! I hope she’ll Continue on The show!!!! & Im sooooooooo happy you guys got your groove back this episode

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