Project Totem Hands On PAX East 2014

By Michael DiMauro on

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Totem_Art_02The developers behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Copenhagen based Press Play are creating a new puzzle-platformer called Project Totem, which I was able to play on the floor at PAX East.

The player controls two totems, each of a different color (the ones I played were green and purple), and the core game play is moving your totems left to right through the level and avoiding obstacles of the opposite color. A button press swaps your totems’ colors, which is the only way to get past certain obstacles.

Totem_Screenshot_03This starts simply, but soon enough you are having to swap colors multiple times mid-jump, or you are required to stack your totems before attempting the jumps and swaps. The complexity continues to ramp up with couch co-op where each player has two totems for a total of four. You need to work together – often double and triple jumping – to get through areas.

Project Totem excels at making you do just enough mental gymnastics to make you feel very smart after getting through a tough sequence. Press Play looks like they know how to layer on tweaks to the core mechanic to keep things really interesting. Definitely give Project Totem a look when it comes to Xbox 360 and Xbox One this fall. I know I will!


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