Random Encounters: Sailor Moon Episode 4

By Steph Kingston on

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This weekmonth on Sailor Moon we…hold on.  Anyways there’s a new game out and…hold on.  Ayaka is still really…hold on.  And Sailor Bear almost…hold on.

Hold on…

Hold on…


5 more minutes guys…

Join GM Steph Kingston, Sailor Bear (Dave Rollins), Sailor Rainbow (Christina Ladd), and Sailor Sunshine (Sam Brady) this episode as they…hold on.

Outtro music by panerfan on youtube.


    • You can find all the materials online now, or on eBay if you want the physical books. Best of luck, let me know how your campaign goes!

  1. I can’t believe there are only four episodes of this. It feels like a lot more with how many times i re-listen to these. I used to only watch the theme song for sailor moon before changing the channel, but this is just the best!

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