Splatoon – Pax East 2015 Impressions

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Nintendo is finally making a shooter, and its Splatoon. You play as squid people in arena combat. Being Nintendo, they couldn’t just make your average shooter with fun weapons. Instead they’ve made a unique territory game not seen before.


Being a squid you shoot colored ink everywhere with the objective of covering everything with you brand. The goal of the game isn’t just to eliminate the other team but control every surface. You can swim through the painted areas and the enemies area’s actively hurts you, so covering everything is to your advantage.


There are fun power ups like ink tornadoes and ink bombs at your disposal, as well as the ability to fly to any teammate in an area you control. The graphics are bright and the characters are cute. This is Nintendo fun at its finest. I can’t say if the game will hold up in the long run, but my initial impressions left a smile on my face. Mainly because our team one.

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