Star Wars Battlefront: Bringing Balance to the Galaxy 2015

By Nika Howard on

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Grab your blasters or lightsabers and get ready for this new installment into the Star Wars franchise. With the newest movie set to come out next year, this brand is powering up to dominate 2015. There has not been much released on the new Battlefront game, but with a partnership between EA and DICE, we can only hope for a game as successful as the rest of the Battlefront series. You will be able to play on Hoth and Endor, which I feel is very reminiscent of the N64 Shadows of the Empire game, but you won’t hear me complaining about that.

While no release date has been set, there is word that more information will be revealed in Spring 2015 and that we can potentially see a Holiday release of the game. Until we get more deets, this teaser trailer will have to sate our need to save the galaxy and as always, May the Force the be with You.



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