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What do we have here?? By golly it’s a brand new podcast. The Cast of Thrones crew has found a new obsession that we think you’re going to love. Westworld is a new HBO show where robots allow rich jerks to play out there every fantasy in horrific ways. I’m sure no one will get hurt with that premise!

We break down the first episode for you and hope you’ll stick with us throughout the season. Be sure to subscribe to the new feed if you like the episode. Also, why not help this new show out with a review on iTunes!

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The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Michael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauro, Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek

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  1. Great podcast, gang! Glad you’re filling that excruciating Thrones void. I noticed that when you complimented the music in Westworld, you didn’t mention that Ramin Djawadi (of GOT fame) scores this show as well. As far as I’m concerned, he can compose all HBO music from here on out. Looking forward to next week’s recap!

  2. I finally got the chance to finish listening to the episode, and there is an answer to your question about flies, they’re the only living animal in the park. The fake website for the company mentions it. There’s a whole contract on the site – it’s pretty crazy.

  3. Nick, your yuppie-woman guest impression (about 35 minutes in) is magnificently similar to Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.
    Perhaps you’ll inspire a crossover episode!

    So glad all of you are back for this GoT-replacement show.
    Been missing you.

  4. Had mild curiosity about this show when I saw previews and as soon as I saw you guys were covering it, I watched the first two episodes and now I’m hooked! Glad that I have something to listen to in the long absence of GoT and in between episodes of Yer a Wizard, Harry! Keep up the good work, Geekly Inc!

  5. Loved the ep!
    Just a note, if the flies are robits they aren’t on the same cycle as everything else because none land on her neck in the three mornings we see of her.

  6. Hi ,

    Has anyone commented /noticed that DELOS is the name of an important Greek island?
    Wiki it and you will find tantalizing insights (perhaps) of the significance of this company’s name. It was a holy sanctuary, the birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis who in the Greek pantheon of gods/goddesses were the most highly revered..a godlike Adam and Eve.
    Delos the island was a place where ritual sacrifice to gods took place for the betterment of the people. Go on…go to Wikipedia and thrill to the Westworld’s DELOS true nature. DELOS is not an acronym but a place name..a loaded place name , in this case?

  7. I love that this group has made a WESTWORLD podcast! Bravo!! And Thank-you! Missed you all so much!!

    I think one of the best things about listening to this podcast (starting your first episode after I’ve already watched 6 episodes) is hearing just how wrong and in the dark you all are. No more Book knowledge to fall back on (WESTWORLD is originally a book, by the way. Guessing you figured that out by now, but really is a far cry from the show. The movie came after the book. Also a far cry…etc)

    Just love hearing how we are all on the same plane, and am super excited to hear how you react if/when things start to become more clear to you. This is a super intellectual show with so many levels of enjoyment for all! I had to watch the 1st episode 5x just to catch certain things!

    I love this show and I love your podcast! Keep up the good work and enjoy it like all the rest of us….as New Comers.

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