The Hosts – Westworld Season 2 Episode 7: Les Écorchés

By Nick on

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This weeks episode was pretty divisive amongst the internet and our cast of humble hosts. There was a lot of shooting and fighting and that rubbed some of us the wrong way. Either way, there was a lot to unpack in this episode as we get to the end game of season 2. Ford and Bernard are now one single hive mind controlling a robot body, Dolores reunites with papa, and Maeve and the MIB run into some complications. 

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The coHosts- Nick Bristow, Michael ‘Thrifty Nerd’ DiMauro, Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek

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  1. You mentioned the Expanse during the episode, I’d love to hear a podcast about that. It’s my favorite show other than Thrones, and the connection between its author’s and George RR Martin makes it (slightly) relevant to the flagship Thrones podcast. I remember years of interviews and not-a-blog posts from George that mention his assistant Ty. And now he’s the co-author of an incredible series himself (though I’m strictly a show watcher on Expanse, haven’t read the books yet).

    • Maybe when we finish season 3 we will do something fun. The Expanse is worth it. We also haven’t read the books but now we want to.

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