The Name of All Things 1-8: Joracheese

By Steph Kingston on

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This is our first episode covering Jenn Lyon’s The Name of All Things in her A Chorus of Dragons Series. In this episode we read up to chapter 8 and determine that Xaltorath is a real wine mom.

Your hosts are Josh MacDougall (@FourofFiveWits), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston). Our art is by Chango Chamango (@ChangoChamango) and our music is by Bad Sparrow (@BadSparrowMusic). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @NoPagePodcast

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  1. Dedrug was already dead when we first meet him. Demons like to possess corpses (it’s easy; the ‘house’ is already empty). That’s why he smells rotten; he is.

    Technically, Janel was never Censured. She fled when it became obvious that it was going to happen, and that’s what she’s running from. If they can’t FIND her, they can’t technically Censure her.

    Shanatha metal isn’t mithril. It’s titanium.

    Did you honestly say “it wasn’t like ‘oh boobs’, it was like Edgar Rice Burroughs”? The guy who gave us Deja Thoris? 😀

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