Transformation Sequence #173 – Kyousougiga (Part 1)

By Vincent on

About Vincent

Vincent realised he was a lifelong nerd the moment he printed out his own Sailor Moon t-shirt at the age of 16 and wore it to school.

Now an adult (allegedly) he's one of the hosts of anime podcast Transformation Sequence where he applies psychoanalytics and epistemology to school girls stabbing monsters.

And yes, he now has an entire selection of Sailor Moon t-shirts.


Long ago, high priest Myōe, had the ability to make anything he drew come to life. This ability scared the villagers of his town, and made him an outcast. In his mountain home he drew a variety of things, not least of which was a surreal town called Kyoto. One of his drawings, a rabbit named Koto came to life. Lady Koto managed to win the love of Myōe. After blooming into a family with three children, the family dimension hop to Kyoto for a better life.

You can also find us on; Vince (@vincekenny), Kym (@kymcattys) and Ben (@benstonick). Edited by Josh Scalf (@jwscalf) of the podcast Sugoi Corp! Drop us an email address with You can listen to Transformation sequence on Stitcher, too!

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