Transformation Sequence #179 – Outlaw Star (Part 1)

By Vincent on

About Vincent

Vincent realised he was a lifelong nerd the moment he printed out his own Sailor Moon t-shirt at the age of 16 and wore it to school.

Now an adult (allegedly) he's one of the hosts of anime podcast Transformation Sequence where he applies psychoanalytics and epistemology to school girls stabbing monsters.

And yes, he now has an entire selection of Sailor Moon t-shirts.


Space douche Gene Starwind and his 11-year-old business partner Jim Hawking run a small jack-of-all-trades business. After the two take a job as bodyguards for space outlaw Hot Ice Hilda, Gene and Jim find themselves the owners of an advanced ship, which they name the “Outlaw Star”.

They become caretakers of weird bio-android Melfina, and Hilda reveals that the ship’s true purpose is to locate the “Galactic Leyline”, a place which popular claims say is a holder of immense treasure, knowledge, and power.

You can also find us on; Vince (@vincekenny), Kym (@kymcattys) and Ben (@benstonick). Edited by Josh Scalf (@jwscalf) of the podcast Sugoi Corp! Drop us an email address with You can listen to Transformation sequence on Stitcher, too!

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